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  • 1. What is the age minimum for a student registering?
    The minimum age for a student is 16 years with parental consent. There is no maximum age for our students. Each student must meet the admission requirements and be able to perform the skills as outlined for the program they have registered.
  • 2. Do you have to be enrolled in a program to take the CPR / First Aid class?
    No, OOMI offers independent courses to the public (upon class size)
  • 3. How long is the Phlebotomy Course?
    At OOMI we offer a 16-day course with intense training. (Certification Available)
  • 4. Does this school offer evening classes?
  • 5. How long does it take for me to become a Medical Assistant?
    The course is 6 months to include your clinical site. (Certification Available)
  • 6. Will I be appointed an extern site once I have completed the MA course?
    Yes, we will assign you a site to complete your hours of externship.
  • 7. Am I responsible for purchasing any lab supplies?
    No, we have all required medical supplies needed for your program.
  • 8. Do I have to buy my own uniforms?
    Yes, students are responsible for the purchase of their own uniform.
  • 9. What type of payments do you accept?
    OOMI accepts most Major Credit cards, Money Orders, Debit cards, Cashier’s checks, and personal checks. (NOTE: see policy on any check fees if personal checks are returned)
  • 10. Will I be able to take the National Exam at this school?
    Yes, we are partnered with NHA and can administer the examination to our students.
  • 11. Is the National Examination fee included in my tuition?
    No, this is a separate fee.
  • 12. Is tutorial for students offered?
    Yes, every Friday from 9am to 12pm.
  • 13. Am I guaranteed a job?
    No, we can NOT guarantee employment, but we utilize many resources to help you attain gainful employment.
  • 14. Is there a demand for the program I choose?
    Absolutely! The medical field is rapidly growing, and entry level jobs are abundant.
  • 15. Is the school diverse?
    Yes, and we strongly support and embrace diversity.
  • 16. Do I have to have a laptop?
    No, OOMI has computer access for students.
  • 17. Is parking a problem?
    No, we have adequate parking for our students convenience.
  • 18. Are the classrooms roomy?
    Yes, each classroom can very comfortably seat 20+ students with ease.
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